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Welcome to blog - Apex, LWC and more non-usual, interesting topics

Updated: May 9, 2022

Nice to meet you!

I am very pleased to see you on my blog. This blog is going to be kind of my technical-diary, where I will post interesting topics or unusual technical solutions that I met or worked out myself on Salesforce platform. I hope you will find it usefull and we will meet here more often.

Blog content

As I am really enjoying software development activities I was always keen to work out solutions that will be much more just than fitting business requirements, that made to be proactive in creating some re-usable, extendable services and components that I would like to share with you. Each post will include explaination of the reasons that drove to develop solution and which particular problems they solve, as well as of course source code that you can review, use in your project, or suggest improvements. I am always happy to hear your opinion!

I am interested in your opinion

Feel free to chat under each post your thoughts, opinions

(these critical ones are welcome as well)

Or maybe you have any specific issue and you are looking for solution? Let me know I will try to help!


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